Terms and Conditions

  • 3 months membership/renewal is mandatory.
  • Both reading and registration fees are not refundable.
  • Both books and the membership card must be surrendered while closing the membership.
  • Security deposit is fully refundable on closure only if there are no overdue charges. Overdue charges of any will be adjusted against the deposit.
  • Holding a book means using the library facility. If you are still holding the book after membership expiry date, overdue charges are payable.
  • The members must pick up the reserved book within 3 days after the intimation.
  • Membership can be put on Subscription Holiday (SH) only you are not holding any books and there are no over dues towards your membership. This is applicable for yearly/half-yearly subscribers only. Yearly subscriber is allowed 2 months of Subscription Holiday and Half-yearly subscriber is allowed 1 month of Subscription Holiday.
  • Magazines are to be returned within 5 days.
  • All communication by the library is through e-mail and phone number, make sure they reflected correct in the system.
  • Monday is a holiday for the library. Rest of the days, it opens from 10am to 9pm.

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